Saturday, June 27

The people who created the gardens I visited near Dublin wanted majestic, evergreen trees. So where did they go? To the Western US, of course. This is a giant sequoia but the place also had Monterey Pines, Incense Cedars, Colorado Blue Spruce, Thuja’s, and many more.

It’s interesting how Airbnb has changed my traveling experience. I get less reading done and I’m sure I’ll not lose as much weight because the hosts all pamper you, suggesting places to visit, preparing sandwiches for your day and generally treating you like you are their long lost cousin from Utica and they are so glad to see you.

I’m in Belfast which, to my surprise, is a much gayer place than Dublin. The latter seems almost shabby and dour; Northern Ireland seems to have shed the taint of “The Troubles” when Protestants and Catholics spent their days trying to kill each other. I have a bunch more to say but the day is nearly half done (I stayed up to 3am watching the US-China soccer game) and I must get going for now. I’ll try to post this evening. I have some Dublin photos, nothing great, to put on here.

Rhoddies and azaleas were still in bloom here.

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Jerry Heverly

I'm a high school English teacher from San Leandro High School in California.

One thought on “Saturday, June 27”

  1. Hey Jerry, I’m glad to hear you enjoyed Belfast! I wish I would have known when you were going to be there. It looks like you made it to the Ulster Museum. If you’re still in Dublin, I thought the Book of Kells exhibit at Trinity College was incredible! And you’re a book guy, too, so I think you’d enjoy it.


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