Wednesday evening, July 15, Marrakech, Morocco

the road to my lodging
Another great Airbnb find. My lodging is deep inside the medina just a few hundred yards from the main souk (market) area.

To get here I had to first take a four hour train ride to Lisbon, thence to the airport via the subway. My flight to Casablanca was uneventful. After an hours layover I boarded a small jet to Marrakech. We ran into a violent sandstorm just short of our destination which rocked us around a bit but that cleared in time for a smooth landing. It was 43 degrees here today (109 F) but luckily I arrived after 6pm when the heat had mostly dissipated. My host made the most amazing Moroccan meal for me, which ruined my diet for today at least.

tourists eating in the souk
I’m shocked at the number of tourists hereabouts, hundreds if not thousands within just a few blocks. Here’s a kind of flea market eatery in the souk.

I have one day to take in as much of this city as I can before I’m obliged to join my Lonely Planet tour group. I don’t know how i’m going to handle the heat tomorrow. I may do some walking in the morning then retire to my room for a siesta from about noon to 4pm. I haven’t figured out what to do when the tour is finished.

the main road near my lodging
This is the main drag of the old city very near my lodging. It’s a dangerous place, not because of pickpockets or ISIL converts; rather it is the young men careering down these narrow avenues in the mopeds and motorcycles. I’ve already come close to being run over.

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