Friday, July 17, Marrakech

This should be my last entry for the next few days as we are leaving on our trek to the Atlas Mountains tomorrow morning. My group has a Danish couple and an Australian guy plus our guide, Omar. We return to Marrakech on Saturday, July 25.

Another hot day today, 109 F. I spent much of the day reading in an air-conditioned room in the place where I was lodging. Then I hiked 40 minutes to the meeting place for our group, a hotel. The only negative about this place is that, because I do a lot of solo walking I get approached by guys offering to help me with directions. It took me a couple times to realize that each guy plans to ask for money in exchange for their help. They always wait, of course, till they’ve guided me a few streets. So today I finally mastered the skill of saying “No business” to each importuner. Even then it takes several emphatic remonstrances before they give up and stalk off grumbling. I had three such encounters on the walk to the meeting place today.


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Jerry Heverly

I'm a high school English teacher from San Leandro High School in California.

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